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Emain true original aspiration as our concept,make packaging box fit every product.
One-stop packaging production service, from structure to sample, to the bulk production.
Customization concept for each box follows natural simplicity, adopts environmentally friendly materials.
Each box is carefully crafted with the spirit of craftsmanship, to maximize the corporate culture and emotional story behind it.
Packaging box conveys the emotional communication between people.Warm people heart. Improve the quality of customized packaging.

Products Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Cosmetic Pacakging Boxes

Gift Packaging Boxes

Garment Packaging Boxes

Garment Packaging Boxes

Chocolate Packaging Boxes

jewelry packaging boxes

Jewellery Packaging Boxes

garment bag

Garment Bags

Tea packaging box

Tea Packaging Boxes

Electronic Products Boxes

Electronic Products Boxes

Homeware packaging boxes

Homeware Boxes

Custom Packaging Technique

Packaging Hot Stamping
Hot Stamping

Various hot stamping processes, silver, gold,blur, black, white and other color customization, 3D stereo bumping.

Packaging box embossing logo

Large-area embossing on the surface of the paper usually uses gravure printing, and some special patterns use 3D embossing.

packaging box UV printed
UV Print

Packaging UV printing process is mainly divided into curing ink. Crystal and clear, Viewing at different angles will have different visual effects.

packaging box printed
Spot Print/4C Offset Print

Four-color & spot-color print process to ensure the accuracy of the printed color, flexible use of printing methods for different color patterns.

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